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The Stralsund protestant parish of St. Mary’s has released a variety of information on their web sites. Although we try to update information regularly, we kindly ask for your understanding in case of any delays. With regard to legal and technical conditions on the Internet, the protestant parish cannot assume any guarantee and liability for the correctness and completeness of the information provided including their machine-readable recordings, electronic storage in databases, their spreading and compliance with the protection of data privacy and any other statutory duties by third parties.
It shall be allowed to cross-link to our web pages and store and pass on and copy information about the Stralsund parish of St. Mary’s as given on the web pages if reference is made to the source data.
The information provided by us must neither be changed, manipulated nor used in distorting context. The data privacy regulations of the German Federal Data Protection Law shall be adhered to.
The use of photos and texts shall not be allowed without prior permission of the firm IT services Ewald Schulz. We assume no guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the data provided. We are grateful for your advice in case of any insufficiencies.

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